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Tint Bags | Tip to Roots



Our colour bags are carefully engineered for you personally after we have consulted with you.

You can either WhatsApp or email to get the process started.

 In my experience WhatsApp is a much faster way when consulting about colour. We might want a picture or two to be able to evaluate what you might need. We are a team of hairdressers working together to make your colour possible and safe for home use.

There is certain limitations to colour that you apply at home yourself. In the past home colour bought from shops without assistance did not take into consideration the elements necessary to maintain good hair health and what you as a client can do and deal with by yourself.



For this reason certain items will not be available to you as a client without any prior salon  involvement, any bleaching process , for this you need to consult a salon (partner) first to be able to maintain healthy hair, and  we will guide you as to what will be necessary, for the best colour experience.

As first, a website that love the hair and beauty industry and truly with a heart for clients, we will not compromise the integrity of our beloved industry and secondly the integrity and experience of stylist/beautician to client.

We will strive to protect both the industry, the brands available and you as a client while endeavouring to deliver healthy colour options and beauty solutions save for all.

Please note: you have to state clearly if you do not want any of the provided pictures to be used on our social media networks, your silence in this regard will be seen as a positive response in this regard.