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Toner Bags | Tip to Roots



These bags will give you the ability to maintain and redefine and revive colour to help extend the life of your colour , this is not a full on colour as you understand it but more of a tool to help you maintain the colour you already have or if you are playful to change the colour “up” a bit.

There is a technical side to this so you would still need the assistance of a qualified professional this we will provide for you




*Please register on the site so we have access to your information should we need to contact you.

*Contact us through our contact number:

+27829506862 (WhatsApp)


our mail:

*Send us 2 photos’ in clear light or sunlight to fully be able to assess your colour needs.

*Send no more than 3 pictures of colour results you might want.

*Then I trust we will be communicating easy and you will be in the save hands of one of our stylists or partner salons should that be necessary.

We will strive to protect both the industry, the brands available and you as a client while endeavouring to deliver healthy colour options and beauty solutions save for all.

Please note: you have to state clearly if you do not want any of the provided pictures to be used on our social media networks, your silence in this regard will be seen as a positive response in this regard.